BCM215 Digital Artefact & Contextual essay


My idea was conceived during the group collaboration activity in one of the first BCM 215 classes, wherein I had expressed my interest within one of the first few weeks that I had an interest in exploring the reasons behind why Valve had not published games from 2013-2018, as my background as an avid gamer and major Team Fortress 2 fan had enticed me to consider a relevant topic to my life. I have always been familiar with the medium of video, as I have uploaded several YouTube videos on my personal account, so I had always intended for the topic to be discussed and explored through a visual essay medium, as that is what I was most comfortable with.


Initially, the plan was to pan out a series of 2 or 3 videos following my research and assumptions about my topic, but I had realised after making the pitch and the beta, that these two pieces had already amounted to something that was beginning to touch on what I wanted to delve into, so I instead decided to create a singular, longer video piece in order as to not overwhelm those who were viewing my progress. As I explored academic literature, I found that there was little in terms of relevant research that supported my idea in the form of journal articles, as opposed to methods like video game reviews that provided little to no insight for what I was looking for. I have mostly stuck with online published media for my references, as the majority of them all have similar opinions to what my message effectively is. 


I believe that my digital artefact would be useful for those inexperienced with Steam/Valve’s workings, and can also provide meaning and entertaining to those who follow Valve and Steam, and might want answers as to where the publication of Valve games has been for the past half-decade (HL3 fans…). Ironically, the feedback I received told me to stick to 2-3 video essays like everyone else did, however, I figured that in separating these points throughout these videos, that the meaning was lost, and the overall impact that the factors had would also be lessened, as talking about one factor in one video, and then another in a separate video might likely disinterest viewers who want to explore the whole argument of what I have to say in one media piece.


I was pretty satisfied with how the project went, and I believe my effort does shine through the visual and audio medium, I am quite interested in producing video essays now as a result of this project, and I am much more familiar to the process now that I’ve had experience doing so with something I relate to and can watch back and be sort of proud of in a way. The digital artefact is a combination of all three video pieces, but the main and final video essay was done in the wake of a busy assessment block, so the quality is not the very best as I struggled to juggle my schedule and balance my time especially being caught up with two weekends of multiple assignments. But hey, I’m pretty satisfied with it, and I hope someone out there enjoys it!



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